Life for Children Ministry


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Thank you for your interest and support of Life for Children Ministry through your prayers, spiritual uplifting and financial and other gifts. Special thanks to Lynn and Jane for coordinating the lovely 10th Anniversary party for ( LCM) following our church service.

Jim and Charlotte Holly left with a group of ten U.S. team members for Kenya. They returned near the end of the month. While there, Jim and Charlotte commissioned a tractor for the ministry; worked directly with the orphans and guardians, ministry staff, Street Boys program, and micro finance program; and built some homes ( mud huts) for some of the guardians in addition to visiting the property purchased for the new school site.

They had torrential rains and flooding in Nairobi. In fact, there were many buildings that had collapsed and people had died. The hope was that once the U.S. team members got out of Nairobi, the situation would be somewhat better. A week later the prediction was mostly 80-100% chance of rain and thunderstorms EVERY single day. Finally, it had gone down from 60 to 20% chance for many of those days ( instead of 100%). There was supposed to be rain every day. This proved a challenge to building the mud huts.

We we were priviledged to follow the progress by visiting the TEAM BLOG where all team members took turns writing daily entries about their experiences, successes and challenges.

Thank you for praying that Jim and Charlotte would be the hands and feet of Christ in all that they endeavored, and that they stayed safe and secure in their travels and maintained good health. And, as Jackson prayed, "may God protect the children". Charlotte and Jim returned with many great stories to share.