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  October  2021


How did it get to be October already?  I don’t know. But here we are experiencing another season in the mountains.  Each season reminds us of what a beautiful part of the world we live in, but autumn offers its own special touches.  We get to enjoy the brilliant colors, the cooler days, the smells of ripe apples and pumpkins and spiced cider. This season is one of the ways we can experience God’s extraordinary and imaginative gifts with all of our senses.   

There is something about this time of year that soothes the soul.  I’m not sure I can quite name what that entails or how that happens; it’s just a feeling and a knowing.  There’s a shift in the rhythm of life. If we take the time each day, we will notice the subtle changes and the ways they affect us and the world around us.

I think one of the amazing things about the change of seasons is how we can observe the ways that each part of creation works in concert with another part of creation.  We can see that each part has a role and a purpose.  Each works with the other.  One would be lesser than without the other. 
WE. We--us. You and me. I I can’t be a “we” by myself. I can only be that with you all. We are walking a journey of faith and life together. How grateful I am for that. How thankful I am that God brought us together as a congregation to serve and share and be who we are gifted to be. Together.
“We Over Me” is the theme of the sermons for this month. I am able to be the best person I can be because I know that I am part this church, the place where I’ve been called to serve, and because we are part of the larger body of Christ. We happen to do that through the vehicle of the United Methodist Church.
It seems appropriate that we be reminded of what “we” means in the place where we find ourselves. The following is The Social Creed that was adopted by the UMC in 1972 and is found in The Book of Discipline. As you read it, note the first word in each statement:
We believe in God, Creator of the world; and in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of creation. We believe in the Holy Spirit, through whom we acknowledge God’s Gifts, and we repent of our sin in misusing these gifts to idolatrous ends.
We affirm the natural world as God’s handiwork and dedicate ourselves to its preservation, enhancement, and faithful use of humankind.
We joyfully receive, for ourselves and others, the blessings of community, marriage, sexuality, and the family. We commit ourselves to the rights of men, women, children, youth, and the aging; to improvement of the
quality of life; and to the rights and dignity of ethnic and religious minorities.
We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the good of themselves and others, and in the protection of their welfare in so doing; in the rights to property as a trust from God, collective bargaining, and responsible consumption; and in the elimination of economic and social distress.
We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the world and to the rule of justice and law among nations.
We believe in the present and final triumph of God’s Word in human affairs and gladly accept his commission
to manifest the life of the gospel in the world. Amen.
In this beautiful season of autumn, let us be reminded of how we are part of the Kingdom of God and that we
continue to experience the joy of being a family of faith in Tryon. May God bless you and keep you.


I wish you peace.
Pastor Lynnette