Clara Biswas

Our Missionary in Cambodia

                                                                                                                      Clara’s Kids

It was is July and time to get reacquainted with Clara's Kids!

When missionary Clara Biswas visited TUMC in 2015, she presented all the education and food projects completed in her ministry in Cambodia. It was near the end of her spellbinding talk, that she mentioned there was not enough money to give the children a Christmas party celebration (usually costing $5/child). Our audience was quiet and then it was decided that this could not happen again. TUMC's solution was to have an extra collection in July to give to Clara's Kids, specifically for the kids to have Christmas and Easter special events.

Fast forward to May, 2020 and the global pandemic: Clara reports, "Here in Cambodia school, college, and university are closed. We have been in lockdown from middle of March till now. Once a week we go to office for meeting and update. I am working online from home. I visit project from time to time. Some of our community people and children moved to safe area; people have no job, no food. It is difficult for the poor people. From last week we [UMC] started giving some relief like rice, soap, masks, etc. I am happy that we can give some help to our children, families and communities during this difficult situation.”

Clara mentioned in an email, "...our children who attend the public school are taking online classes with small group help from our staff. We are providing children with scholarships and financial support for families."

If you would like to donate to Clara’s Kids, you may send a check payable to Tryon UMC with Clara’s Kids on the memo line. Thank you in advance for remembering Clara's Kids in July.

 The Mission Committee

Clara Biswas, the missionary we have supported for over 10 years, is retiring August 31st. She has had a ministry with the children and families who live in poverty in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our contributions have helped her spread the love and knowledge of Christ to the least of those in this far-away place. Since Clara will be moving back to Bangladesh where her family lives, the Mission Committee has chosen a missionary family for us to help  


                                                 We bid a fond farewell

                                                 to Clara Biswas,

                                                 who is moving back

                                                 home to Bangladesh,

                                                 and we send her our

                                                 love and good wishes.