Wollins Family / Albania 




Our new missionary family, Jamie and Holle Wollin and their three sons (Thomas, Eli, and Luke) have been living in Tirena, Albania for the past 4 years, where Jamie has focused on mentoring young men to become followers of Christ. He has built a non-profit car repair business (Litany Motors) that teaches skills and provides jobs for the unemployed. Holle teaches in the missionary school that their sons attend with other children of missionaries as well as Albanian children. Tryon United Methodist is now partnering with the Wollins to provide support for them and the Litany Motor project. Information about how we will do that will be provided soon, but prayers for this ministry would be appreciated. In the meantime, here are some excerpts from their recent newsletter and a photo of a few of the young men they are bringing to Christ.





Wollins Mission Fund
We raise our own support through TMS Global to serve Christ in Albania. Financial partnership can happen through regular monthly, quarterly or annual support. One-time gifts are always welcomed! We are so grateful to all our supporters. You enable us to answer this call by God to share the good news of Jesus with the people of Albania.