The Page Turners



      On Wednesday, August 24th, Page Turners will discuss the novel The French Gift by Kirsty Manning.  

Fresne Prison, 1940: A former maid at a luxury villa on the Riviera, Margot Bisset finds herself in a prison cell with writer and French Resistance fighter Jos├ęphine Murant. Together, they are transferred to a work camp in Germany for four years, where the secrets they share will bind them for generations to come.

Paris, around about now: Evie Black lives in Paris with her teenage son, Hugo,

above her botanical bookshop, La Maison Rustique. Life would be so sweet if only

Evie were not mourning the great love of her life.

We will meet in the church library at 2:00 that day. Come join us!


The book is available on Amazon. Please  contact Lynn Montgomery for more information. (828)817-4391













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