Wollins Family / Albania 




Our new missionary family, Jamie and Holle Wollin and their three sons (Thomas, Eli, and Luke) have been living in Tirena, Albania for the past 4 years, where Jamie has focused on mentoring young men to become followers of Christ. He has built a non-profit car repair business (Litany Motors) that teaches skills and provides jobs for the unemployed. Holle teaches in the missionary school that their sons attend with other children of missionaries as well as Albanian children. Tryon United Methodist is now partnering with the Wollins to provide support for them and the Litany Motor project. Information about how we will do that will be provided soon, but prayers for this ministry would be appreciated. In the meantime, here are some excerpts from their recent newsletter and a photo of a few of the young men they are bringing to Christ.





Wollins Mission Fund
We raise our own support through TMS Global to serve Christ in Albania. Financial partnership can happen through regular monthly, quarterly or annual support. One-time gifts are always welcomed! We are so grateful to all our supporters. You enable us to answer this call by God to share the good news of Jesus with the people of Albania.




Dear Tryon UMC family,

We are so grateful for your support of us as we serve Christ in Albania and extend the love that is found at Tryon UMC to those here. We realize that we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting many of you! But, when our family met with the mission council last summer, we were so warmly received and experienced a beautiful “pinch” of what love and care exists at Tryon UMC!

Praying that you had a wonderful Advent season, Christmas and start of the New Year. We want to share with you news about the mechanic shop ministry – Litany Motors – and how the T-Shirt sale this summer has had impact.




A Word from our Missionary Family in Tirana, Albania

A newsletter excerpt from the Wollin family:


The last 6 months have flown by, and we have much to celebrate!

Welcoming new teammates: In January, we welcomed a new family to our TMS Albania team. Our new teammates previously served in Kenya for 6 years. They have 3 young children. They are looking to serve neighbors and children in the village of Ferraj, where Litany Motors operates. We are excited for how God is growing and leading our team!

Hosting Harrison: In March, we hosted new high school graduate Harrison to Tirana. During Harrison’s two-week stay, he worked alongside Jamie and his staff at Litany Motors. He also learned about Albanian culture.

Elevate Retreat: In April, Jamie and Holle helped plan and facilitate a retreat for Middle Schoolers at GDQ School. Many of you joined us in prayer for this time. The students had a fun and meaningful time learning about God’s love for them and how to love others in community. Many students shared about how God met them during their time at retreat.

Trauma Competent Care conference: In May, Holle attended a conference in Spain to learn more about caring for those who have experienced trauma. Holle learned more about how trauma impacts a person and what tools are helpful for working with those from traumatic life experiences. This workshop was helpful for working with missionary kids and others in our Albanian context!

Team Formation retreat: In June, our team took a 4 day retreat away to discuss and begin forming team vision, mission and values. This important work was fruitful as we worked together to listen to what God is saying to us. It was encouraging for us all to see a bigger vision of ministry emerge. Our team desires to love God and each other well so that others in our surrounding communities may experience God’s love.

Welding class: This school semester, Jamie taught a welding class to high schoolers. Thomas was part of that and crafted a guitar pedal board.

Litany Motors: In December, we moved to a larger facility. Litany is within a small village just outside of Tirana near the mountains. We are still very accessible to our customers but within a village where we are slowly building relationships and finding opportunities to share the love of God with neighbors and new friends. Litany Motors has become the hangout place even for the school children waiting for the school bus. It has been a true blessing to interact with these kids and offer love and care and kind conversation.

Baptism celebration: This coming week, Altin, who has been working with Jamie at Litany Motors, is being baptized in the church that began from the men’s community group that Jamie served with for 2 years. Altin has been part of that faith community and found a new faith in Christ and has had a desire to be baptized. We celebrate all that God is doing in Altin’s life!


As the summer has come, we have much to be thankful for over the last 6 months. We also ask for your prayers for our family. We are in need of rest after such a full year. We are in the US for the summer taking some much needed rest as a family.

If you would like to help support these wonderful Christians, you can make a check to TUMC and put Wollins in Albania on the memo line.